Jason Asselin

Artist Email: jjasselin@gmail.com

Artist Website: jasonasselin.blogspot.com

Medium: mural painting, interactive LED installation, interactive lenticular mural, drawing

Artist Statement

Today’s architecture has many difficult requirements to address. Safety is paramount and materials are limited to only the most durable. The drawback of these limitations is the appearance of drab concrete surfaces, glass, and metal. My response to these neutral surfaces is to add color, movement and light. This approach has proven itself to be an effective method of engaging the public’s imagination. Basics of color, movement and light are universally experienced by all sentient beings. These basics transcend all religious, racial, gender, and cultural experience. Theirs no doubt that individuals will bring their personal experience to a piece of art, however, I believe its the artists job to help direct that experience.

I’ve discovered that the basic elements of color, movement, and time can provoke a positive experience immediately. This first impression has a lasting positive reflection on the institution its attached to. Public spaces serve such a diverse population that content must be made available to as many patrons as possible. For example, the history of the community can be told in pictures and text, however, that information needs to be presented in a way that can interest everyone. I believe the most effective method to communicate that history to many different people is through an initial visual seduction with basics of color, movement and light.