Janet Lofquist


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I am a public artist with over twenty years of experience in developing a wide range of regional and national public art projects, including works for transit stations, civic sites, educational institutions, libraries and parks. Completed works have ranged in scope from sculptural environments, gathering spaces that have included sculptural elements, lighting, seating and/or landscaping, architecturally integrated treatments and freestanding sculptures.

My approach to public art has been to explore the relationship of site and context, art and architecture/landscape architecture, artist and community. During the development of a concept I begin with a community conversation and research of the site in order to provide a contextual framework for the work, considering historical, cultural, environmental or cultural phenomena as a source of inspiration. The architectural or natural qualities of the site play a role in the decision-making process, with materials chosen with regards to maintenance, budget and conceptual intent. I am known for my thoughtful approach to each project, with the hope that each piece communicates a sense of identity, place and connection.