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Born and raised in Dallas, Texas, Mr. Arredondo is the son of a Native American father of Mexican heritage, and a Tejana mother and identifies himself strongly with the Mexican and Tejano cultures of Texas. He graduated in 1980 with a Bachelor of Arts in Art from the University of Dallas, and began showing shortly after that. In 1987, after having painted seriously and having traveled throughout Mexico and Central America, he was accepted into the Master of Fine Arts Program in Painting at Yale University.

After graduating from Yale University in 1989 with a Master of Fine Arts in Painting, Mr. Arredondo moved to New York City to participate in the highly competitive world of contemporary art. In 1998 he began teaching courses in painting and drawing at New York University, and a course on Mesoamerican art and culture at New School University entitled, “Of Fire and Blood: Art and Mythology of Mexico.” He continues to teach at both universities.