Ilan Averbuch

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I build sculptures that transform spaces. Familiar images are recycled and reapplied, taking on meaning as symbols or metaphors, and they begin to tell a story through a rupture of the delicate balance of scale, material, and mass. For example, in my work “Avanim Vetseadim”, a gigantic stone ladder extends nimbly from the surface of a pond, 25 feet up to some indeterminate place. The reflection of the ladder on one hand, and the function of a ladder on the other hand, create a dialog between purpose and symbolism. The stones are recycled from an old bridge, bringing new meaning to the discarded material. I have built landmarks to help create identities for many different kinds of places, from the Rose Garden Sports Arena in Portland, Oregon, to the Supreme Court in Jerusalem. In a public place, a sculpture can be a guiding element, marking an entrance, directing attention, or aiding in circulation. At the same time, it communicates ideas and cultivates an emotional connection between the viewer and the space.