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Gregory’s contemporary sculptures embody a new direction for the sculptor, while building on the classical qualities of detailed attention to surface and form that are ever-present in his traditional works. Suggestive of the pathways of life . . . the forces of nature . . . human emotion . . . those abstract concepts that are so familiar yet so intangible, like the warmth of sunlight or the crashing of a wave.

The circle, with its clean, infinitesimal shape, is the starting point for all of Gregory’s modern works. Oftentimes one beautiful line without beginning, middle or end, the circle is a spiritual shape that invites interpretation and alludes to the circle of life. He uses the circle, whole and complete, and contrasts it with segments or shapes containing sections of circle.

The light vibrancy that exudes and reflects out of stainless steel does not compare to anything else.

The modern works address several concepts. First, the subject is typically arranged to challenge the center of a compositional frame while dancing around and past its imposed boundaries. Through a reductive process, Gregory takes recognizable subjects and simplifies them into geometric form, capturing the mood and feeling through shape and interaction. Some compositions embody the dynamism of the urban architectural environment or the growth of technology, while some are more biomorphic and organic.

Gregory is currently working with sculptures that feature both mirror and brushed finishes in the same work. He is also exploring adding color and color transparencies as a fourth dimension, pulling and pushing shapes in space, visually altering their pre-set positions.

Because of the faith people have with me and in my work, we have sold over 300 sculptures in this country. We are represented in another 16 GA counties that I can think of, 38 states, 17 University’s and 7 countries.  We artistically and positively impact tens of thousands of people every day- making their life a little more interesting, one smile at a time.