Gregor Smith

About the Artist

In 2002, Gregor had a total loss house fire from an electrical fire, and he had some serious stress. Then on top of that, his mother died a few months later, and the rage in his body was getting close to out of control. A great friend and fellow band mate, showed up with a set of carving tools, a six pack of beer, and said, “let’s create some art.”

The next thing Gregor knew, he was carving Hawaiian styled tikis and venting his rage into the logs with a mallet and chisel. He fell in love with it! They dreamed of how they could illuminate the sculptures at their next party. They started carving scary faces in hollow logs, much like you would a Jack-a-Lantern. Then they filled them with candles, lights, and then they tried PROPANE! YEA BABY, propane in mass quantities, and 10 foot high flames jumping out of scary tiki faces, that’s what fun people want to dance around. HA! who would have figured! The next thing they knew, they were creating fire sculptures for everyone’s party who wanted one.

Gregor channeled his rage, sorrow, and spirit back to a positive place through sculpture. Gregor is forever grateful and this is why his mantra is now, ” share your gift, the impact is immeasurable! “