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I was born in Rochester, New York in 1959 and raised by German immigrant parents in Napa, CA, where I continue to live and work and contribute actively to the community. With dual citizenship in Germany and the United States, I have moved between the two countries through out my life.

I learned art composition and appreciation at an early age from father who was an artist and craftsman. In the course of my initial artistic explorations, I resolved to create a lasting impact in the world around me through the creation of beautiful, large scale works of art.  As I developed as an artist, I became inspired to investigate intellectual precepts and explore emotional depths through creating art. My work became about shaping a story and expressing an idea, not just creating an object of beauty.

From the beginning of my career, I’ve been fascinated by the interplay between light and glass and I began to explore the artistic possibilities of refraction and reflection in glass fabrications. Inevitably, I began exploring other media, moving between highly refined, polished materials like polished metals and aluminum and then gritty, repurposed and salvaged materials like rusted steel and weathered wood. I’ve learned to let the story I am telling lead me towards the right material. Salvaged and repurposed materials allow me to explore the effect of time and nature on man made materials, or, as in the case of the Napa 9/11 Memorial, memorialize victims of horrific events. Using a variety of glass techniques and applications for university campuses and libraries captures the experience of inspiration and illumination often found there.  For works sited in natural landscapes, my work looks to the forms, movement and colors of the environment and I select materials based on what I find inspiring at the site.

My work investigates intellectual precepts and explores emotional complexities. It is about shaping a story and expressing an idea, not just creating an object of beauty. When a developing a concept for new public artwork, I endeavor to connect to the site by researching its history and culture; connect to the viewer by listening to the community and understanding their vision for the project; and finally, connect to the landscape and architecture surrounding the work by choosing materials that respond and engage with the location. I am passionate about the process of creating art and humbled by the privilege of making art everyday. In a time when the speed and ease of technology robs of us daily personal interactions, experiencing art has the power to remind us of the importance of the human touch.