Curtis Patterson

Medium: Metal fabrication

Artist Statement

For the last three and a half decades I have been making Sculpture. My first public commission was done in 1977 for the City of Atlanta’s Bureau of Cultural Affairs. Additionally, I taught sculpture for twenty nine years at the Atlanta College of Art, during which time I had the distinct honor of being commissioned to do a number of public commissions, both locally and nationally.
My approach to creating public art is based on the circumstances surrounding the art work being commissioned. I would consider whether there are historical references, commemorative of an individual or event, or environmental factors that are relative to the site. My ultimate goal with each new art challenge is to develop a piece that is well received by the community where it is located and compliments the environment where it is placed.

In developing a proposal for this project my primary objective would be to do research in consultation with a community advisory group or key members and/or stakeholders of the community. This approach allows them to voice their concerns or issues they might have relative to the site or the work being commissioned. This kind of collaborative involvement enables members of the community to feel sense of pride and ownership of the work being created.
My work is generally fabricated out of long lasting and durable materials and requires little maintenance. The surface of the work is usually of such that it will allow treatment for removal of tagging.