Clark Wiegman

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Mixed metaphors are the basis of my work. This conceptual and material discourse explores the way culture frames nature as phenomenological experience. Each project responds to situational variables with anomalous beauty that frames the challenges of transformation.

My practice focuses on collaborative placemaking with project teams that often include other design professionals. Through innovative program solutions, excellent communication skills and efficient use of resources, I deliver the highest level of concept and craft without burdening an established budget or schedule. These skills allow me to work effectively with diverse stakeholder groups to create unique multi-faceted environments.

Over the past 30 years I’ve worked on a variety of projects scattered throughout North America and Europe. Permanent and ephemeral projects at parks, libraries, plazas, arenas, airports, streetscapes, transit and community centers have involved a number of different roles. These include master planning where I’ve developed situations for other artists, sited works conceived as an elemental counterpoint and art environments comprised of paving, glazing, lighting, seating, arbors and landscaping.

I thoroughly enjoy the process of making public art—from background research to final installation. There’s a satisfying challenge in placemaking and the interdisciplinary problem-solving required. In short, it’s work with a pulse.