Chris Condon

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Medium: wood, stone, concrete, drawing

Artist Statement

My inspiration comes from the natural world and is the constant subject of my work, from mammals to birds to plants. It is not always the exotic that inspires me but rather the natural world that exists right outside my door. From a patch of mushrooms pushing up through the leaves in an urban park to the wasps that are nesting in the eave of my house, I constantly find inspiration wherever I look. I do not try to replicate what I see but rather create hybrids of a species, combining their beauty, different traits and behaviors, as well as how I feel about them. My sculptures are also hybrids, bred from the result of combining wood, stone, bone, and other mediums. I often use salvaged wood or recently felled trees from construction sites, recreating the flora and fauna that was displaced by the construction. The pieces are homages or odes to these animals and speak to our affects on the environment through population growth.  I strive to make work that is aesthetic and engaging.  Ultimately I want to ignite the viewers interest and make them more aware of our natural surroundings, hopefully leading to to compassion and stewardship for our environment.