Carl Wright

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Medium: Abstract Stone Sculpture

Artist Statement

Most of the sculptures I carve are about making ephemeral, hard-to-quantify subjects real and tangible.  These positive subjects include: freedom, working together towards a goal, joy, being motivated, & perseverance.  These are all subjects that most people recognize & embody as values in their personal & professional lives.

As an sculptor who carves exterior sculpture, my work will be seen all hours of the day & night.  The work I make is a celebration of what is noble about people & should be applauded.  I deeply believe that public artists have a responsibility, through their artwork, to be supportive of the people that take the time to view their artwork.   In addition, the artist should be making artwork that can grow & change with the passing of time & not become a out-of-fashion eyesore.

My stone sculpture is about transcending the moment, independence, personal growth, the opportunity to succeed, and how other ephemeral mediums like music can be decoded into stone.   Whether the sculpture subject is about music, emotional bonds, the act of being busy or constant motion, I enjoy translating fleeting concepts through the universal language of abstract sculpture into tangible realities.

Everyone needs to be reminded of the beauty that surrounds them: in the touch of a loved one, the slow thrill of watching a plant grow, a fiery sunset, or the beauty of a sublime stone sculpture.  That is why I carve.