Carl Marin

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Medium: Sculpture, Video, Photography, Installation

Artist Statement 

Recently I have been using different illusion techniques, such as random dot stereograms, anaglyph photography, and moiré animations, to make my work. This interest in creating illusions stems from growing up around my father’s taxidermy shop, where an antelope’s head would hang on the wall, and a wild boar would be found lying on the couch. The wall mount declared itself as dead, but the boar sleeping in the living room, by existing in our home, was a greater illusion. Like taxidermy I want my artwork to trick you into entering its reality, but also pull you into the technologies and materials that were used to make the work. Whether it is a hummingbird caught between my apartment and a forest, or the illusion of five deer grazing in a city park, I am interested in the push and pull between the illusion and its engineering.