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I am multi-talented professional Fine Artist based in Rhode Island. Over the past two decades I have created hundreds of Murals, Mosaics, Paintings, and other works of Art for a wide variety clients. My work can be found on everything from the sides of buildings, to the altars of churches; in museums, hospitals, homes, and businesses, as well as on an untold number of walls, ceilings, and floors.

The nature of my work has already begun to change and evolve in unexpected ways. To date,the objective of my art has always been to draw order out of chaos; to take tubes of paint or boxes of mosaic tiles and arrange the various materials into a representational work of art for purchase by a client or patron. The direction of my new work is quite the opposite of that, for now I am drawing chaos out of order. In a rejection of convention, I’m disassembling things;breaking things down to their essential elements. It’s like turning a building back into a blueprint,or processing ore in order to retrieve the gold. What are you left with? Line, form, texture, relationships.

As of late I am mesmerized by textures and every day found objects. I love to resurface, rework,and re-purpose them into new forms; taking mundane, overlooked, and discarded items and turning them into works of art. At times I will accentuate an object’s inherent textures, while at others, I add texture to an object; always creating, changing, enhancing, and bringing attention to the original intent and identity of the piece. This is an exciting new chapter in my career, filled with promise and potential. I’m ready to build on a solid foundation that was decades in the making.