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My studio, Meltdown Glass, situated at the confluence of art and architecture, creates site-responsive art projects that generate an expanded awareness of place. The integration of artwork into architecture and landscape amenities is my niche.  I create contemporary, iconic sculptural artwork that transforms and enlivens the relationship of the viewer to their environment.  Interaction is the core of my artwork – interaction between the artwork and the viewer, between the artwork and its environment, and between people.  Artwork exists within the larger context; a successful work of art celebrates the purpose and setting of the art.  Spatial experience is my  canvas. 

My portfolio shows the ability to conceptualize, design, create, fabricate and install monumental artwork.  Each completed commission informs future commissions. The projects illustrated in this application reflect a high level of imagination, integration, collaboration, and coordination. My design process includes research and dialogue to reveal community identity, historical landmarks, social and cultural history. I photograph sites and the surrounding areas for further inspiration to properly ground the art with the architecture and the local community. As the commissioned artist, I gather input, research it, filter it, digest it, and transform it to find a creative solution relevant to the project’s goals and aspirations.  Public art must have universal appeal.

My preferred mediums are frit-fired images and painting on glass along with kiln-fired textured glass.  Glass has reflective and translucent qualities with light that no other medium can achieve.  Shape, color, texture and images within the glass artwork will communicate the conceptual goals of the commission.  My artwork often references the beauty in nature. Every aspect in the creation of fired-glass art panels plays with the concepts of reflection, shadow, and illumination. The subtlety of the cast glass textures that I can achieve through a unique casting process enables me to reference many aspects of life and nature to provide a cohesive resonance that is inspiring and fulfilling on many levels.

In order to successfully complete these large art commissions, my staff and I interact with architects, art consultants, design professionals, contractors, and engineers from all the top firms in the US every day in our studio. We know how to interpret and create complex architectural plans and integrate my art seamlessly into many different design concepts.