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I am an internationally recognized artist, working in glass, metal and wood. I utilize the latest in glass fabrication technology as well as more traditional techniques and am best known for creating site-specific installations. I typically work within the glazing areas of buildings, create bas-relief wall mounted sculpture, or my work functions as partitions, or screens.  I currently have installations in 36 states, as well as Canada, Japan, and Hong Kong. My design style utilizes geometry with shapes from nature, and symbols that relate to the locale, the makeup of the local community, and function of the building.

I have experience with Public Art for many kinds of buildings, and have completed projects with budgets up to $500,000.  Every project I have undertaken since I opened my studio in 1975 has been completed on time and on budget.  All the work is American made, fabricated  in my studio located in Benicia, CA. I am known for creating site specific installations that are always sensitive to the environment and suitable to the scale, and especially the function of the building.  My work is always responsive to the architecture, drawing inspiration for shapes, colors, and textures of the building. I have earned several awards from the American Institute of Architects for my site specific projects, including a Millennium Design Award in 2000. My work has also been widely published

Over the years, I have evolved a design vocabulary that blends well with architecture, and I have found in almost 40 years of working as a professional artist that my design style communicates to everyone, from varying backgrounds, regardless of culture or age.  I understand good design, having started my career in Architecture, and create art that will not go out of style, and that has a timeless quality.

I am a team player, and work well with committees / members of the community, as well as other design professionals. I enjoy Public Art and strive to create unique art designed specifically for the criteria of each project.