Arseni Zaitsev

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Joining Harvard’s Graduate School of Design (GSD) to pursue a Masters of Design Studies, Arseni is continuing to pursue bridging the gap between digital design and the process of fabrication at a variety of scales. He earned a Masters of Architecture at GaTech with extensive experience and academic concentration in digital fabrication processes. In the past, Arseni has collaborated on and completed projects locally as well as internationally. Arseni has taught digitally provocative courses at GaTech that have been showcased. He is an architect in training, designer in multiple media and product developer: always learning – always doing.

Arseni has co-founded three other organizations: DigitalWorkshopAtlSunny Etc, & FabLab, DWA is an organization that helps individuals learn 2D representation, 3D modeling, and 3D parametric software. Sunny Etc is a consulting agency for solar and thermal energy for your home. FabLab helps realize projects with assistance of various CNC fabrication technologies.