Anthony Heinz-May

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Medium: Public Art, Site-Specific Installations, Sculpture, Environmental Art, Painting

Artist Statement

My practice focuses on rhizomatic points of dialogical entry and departure concerning nature/technology, degradation/preservation, obsoletion/sustainability and the real/simulacra.  I aim to bridge a variety of discourse through reexamination and recombination of natural material to create structures, sculptures and objects.

Reducing tree waste to cubes of pixelated fragments, I reconstruct their forms to perceive as if artificially dissolving or exploding in reference to overarching relationships concerning nature/humans/technology.  This gridded processing of nature is inspired by culminating histories of human machinations to parcel, compartmentalize and disregard nature through cultural development of land ownership in false acquisition and disruption of natural balances.

As a native West Coast Oregonian and emerging New York artist my aims are to expose technological chicanery and promote eco-pedagogy and eco-psychology: to re-signify human influence on nature and natural processes.  Natural material as an artistic medium works most succinctly to reintroduce the lost meaning of its existence in complacent rigor mortem of decadent and technological nihilism.  Through a process I call reverse-anthropomorphism I use the oldest living species on Earth in segue of a forensic analyses to reflect impermanence and reintegration of natural cycles.  I pursue the theory of human oppression as originally established through relationships developed with nature as an everlasting resource for humans.