Ann Tarantino

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Medium: installation, sculpture, lighting, drawing, painting, wood, LED’s, interactive, play structure, place-making

Artist Statement

My work embraces human experience, dialogues with outdoor and architectural spaces, and is context-sensitive. I travel across diverse media to tell stories about places, human experiences, and natural processes, while creating moments of wonder and opportunities for reflection. I frequently use light—both “found” and manufactured—as a medium and tool for creating space and communicating ideas.

Through a palette of simple elements such as light, shadow, color, line, and pattern, I create objects and experiences that range in scale from intimate to immersive, often working at multiple scales within a single piece. Site and context are primary concerns. Everything—from a drawing to a large-scale installation—is in dialogue with the place in which it is installed. Often, I address the hidden stories of these places through medium, subject matter, or both.

I find inspiration in source material ranging from maps of the universe, contemporary information visualization strategies, knitting patterns, children’s toys, botanical illustrations, the shadows on my studio floor, personal histories, and cracks in the sidewalk. Melded together as if in a kaleidoscope, these and other influences combine to inspire shifting narratives, moments of beauty and wonder, and opportunities to see the world anew.