Amir “Totem” Alighanbari

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Medium: painting- spray paint, oil, acrylic, airbrush; illustration- pen, pencil

About the Artist

Totem has applied paint to walls for more than 30 years. His style and technique are renowned worldwide, most notably for his pioneering 3D style and artistic versatility.

Born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, Totem has traveled the world at the invitation of communities, event organizers, governments and more to share his skills, knowledge and creative process.

Inspired by his life experience and the characters he’s met along the way, Totem’s art explores the relationship between robotic armored letters he calls the Mechanical Battle Serif.

From a young age, Totem has been fascinated by the engineering interactions of letters. What started out as an exploration of his own name, evolved into a study of the dynamics between his style and the environment, mind and machine.

Totem continues to elevate graffiti as an art form and bring street art to the mainstream. Personally he strives to push the limits of his style and his abilities in each and every composition.

As American born street art and graffiti art gain global notoriety, Totem is proud that his own community has integrated this emerging art form as part of its appeal to younger generations and businesses.