Alexander Krivosheiw



Medium: Sculptures in bronze, stainless steel and aluminum. Fine Art Sculpture, Wall Decor, Outdoor Gates, Monumental Public Art.

Artist Statement

Alexander Krivosheiw is a professional sculptor specializing in public and private art commissions in addition to museum-quality exhibitions that insure his work retains its artistic value in the art marketplace. Krivosheiw creates large-scale abstract sculptures and two-dimensional wall pieces in bronze, aluminum and stainless steel, using organic forms to convey the power of movement and emotion through the language of metal.

The artist combines traditional hand-fabricated craftsmanship with innovative, iconoclastic concepts to form dynamic, curvilinear sculptures and functional forms. Occupying the liminal and limitless space between abstraction and representation, Krivosheiw’s, hand-welded, polished, and shaped creations are created in the laborious, old-school technique of metal fabrication, yet balance the sophisticated modernity between familiar and foreign.

Krivosheiw’s general approach to creating a sculptural work of art is to construct a technically solid piece that will support the sculpture’s creative aesthetic as well as its intended location, with regards to climate, potential visitor interaction, theme of the surrounding area and general maintenance.