Albert Paley

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I have been involved in site-specific sculpture for over thirty years. In 1996 I received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the American Institute of Architects for my collaborations with sculpture in the architectural arena. My main interest is the dialogue that is created between an artwork and a given architectural space. A sculpture has the ability to energize space and provide identity and presence. Sculpture offers an intimate pedestrian experience and adds dynamism and synergy to the larger architectural context.

Most of my work utilizes metal fabrication stressing the dynamism of three-dimensional form. Although my sculpture is not figurative or literal I am concerned about the appropriateness of the work within a given space. Within the implied context of the forms I incorporate symbolic imagery that makes reference to the cultural context of a specific site. For example, when I am creating a sculpture for a religious center the work would be markedly different from a work that is created for an athletic arena. Sculpture has the ability to create a visual signature and identity for buildings and institutions.

In addition to conceptualizing and creating the sculpture, my studio is well versed in the disciplines related to public sculpture and the architectural process. We have engaged successfully in many collaborations, feasibility studies, time lines and all aspects related to shipping, installation and sub-contracting.