OCA Public Art Program Repairs Monument in Heritage Park

The “Untitled Granite Archway” in Heritage Park following emergency repairs made by the OCA’s Public Art Program in December 2020.


In early December, Heritage Park’s defining monument, “Untitled Granite Archway,” required emergency repairs. The City of Atlanta – Mayor’s Office of Cultural Affairs enlisted Black Galaxy Marble and Granite to aid in reinforcing the archway’s waterproofing to prevent water and elemental debris from further damaging the structure.

The archway’s top segment was previously protected only by a temporary waterproofing barrier, which dissolved – allowing water and sediment to enter the structure’s interior. The weight of all the sediment caused sections of the stone to break.

A layer of matching granite was installed on the top of the archway as a permanent water barrier. This new granite piece will prevent water from entering the monument and keep it safe from further elemental damage.

Along with the surrounding plaza, the archway is a landmark within Atlanta’s Summerhill neighborhood, located at a prominent point within Heritage Park.

This monument was created in 1996 by Georgia Institute of Technology professors Stuart Romm, Frederick Pearsall, and Harris Dimitropoulos as a memorial to the founders of Summerhill.

It acts as a symbolic gateway to the community that overlooks downtown Atlanta and Georgia State Stadium, connecting onlookers to the backbone of the city. With the repairs behind it, the archway will stand firm for years to come.


Staff of the OCA Public Art Program and Black Galaxy Marble and Granite making repairs to the archway.