Facebook Partners with ELEVATE to Install Five Voter Awareness Murals in Atlanta

The Mayor’s Office of Cultural Affairs’ (OCA) annual ELEVATE public art festival recently partnered with Facebook to install five new murals, which are a part of this year’s festival — presented digitally on the ELEVATE website, Facebook, and YouTube from October 4 to 10.

With 2020 marking a pivotal election year, Facebook launched the “Voting is Voice” campaign and set a goal to register 4 million new voters during the largest voter drive in U.S. history. Facebook’s partnership with the OCA and ELEVATE was a natural fit as the festival will explore the concept of social justice and equity through this year’s programming.

For the “Voting is Voice” campaign, five artists from across the U.S. created original artwork commissions in response to the prompt “Voting is Voice.” Within this theme, each artist explored voting as a powerful tool of the personal and collective voice, the importance of a diversity of voices to a healthy society, the powerful impact of personal narratives as vehicles for change, and our collective responsibility to acknowledge and amplify a broad spectrum of voices. These five murals are a part of Facebook’s push to increase voter engagement and participation during this election year.

Each mural will feature the artist’s bio, Q.R. codes, and URLs that direct viewers to Facebook and Instagram’s Voting Information Center, where they can find more information on the 2020 U.S. election and a quick and easy way to register to vote.

In addition, the murals encourage public interaction through compelling, relevant design & digital features that create multiple levels of access for every member of the community.

List of Facebook Murals and Locations

“You Gotta Vote” by Edie Fake at 3020 Campbellton Rd. SW, Atlanta, GA

“Your Vote Matters” by Jamilla Okubo at the Grove Park Theater, 1576 Donald Lee Hollowell Pkwy

“Your Vote is Gold” by Tiff Massey at Scarlett Loves Rhettro, 432 Ponce De Leon Ave

“The Vote is Dope” by Troy Lamarr Chew II at the Mall West End, 850 Oak Street SW

“Vote Together” by Ramzy Masri at Jonesboro Groceries, 1557 Jonesboro Road