Public Art Program Enters Final Phase of Fork Art Park Restoration


On December 11, OCA’s Public Art team re-installed the newly restored, multi-piece installation “Whirlygigs” by artist Vollis Simpson.

“Whirlygigs” is the most recent artwork in Fork Art Park to receive restoration thanks to funding provided by Renew Atlanta’s TSPLOST Landmark Art Program.

Restoration of the 23-year-old artwork started back in July 2019, when local art conservator Jeffry Loy, and his team, were hired to dismantle and restore the artwork at an off-site location.

Created in 1996 in celebration of the Centennial Olympic Games, Folk Art Park pays homage to southern folk artists’ techniques and traditions.

In the coming weeks, the “Star Wheel with Guitar Girls” Windmill by James Jennings will undergo restoration, completing the Fork Art Park restoration project.

Watch the video below or the follow the link here to see how the crew tackled the project.