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In 1990, Mayor Maynard Jackson had a vision for the arts in Atlanta. He initiated an arts summit that brought together over 500 leaders in Atlanta’s art community. This summit created the “Atlanta Blueprint for the Arts” that became the guiding force for the arts in this city and has been largely implemented in conjunction with established and emerging arts organizations. This Blueprint was a catalyst for change as Atlanta strived to be recognized as a premier city for the arts. More than a decade later, Atlanta has emerged as a regional cultural center. Through the strategic use of resources and creative ingenuity the Mayor’s Office of Cultural Affairs (OCA) continues to provide programs that enrich the citizens of Atlanta and the region.

Our vision is to create an enhanced quality of life in Atlanta through cultural experiences. Our mission is to enhance the quality of life through cultural experiences that can serve as an international model. In the next few years, under the leadership of Mayor Andre Dickens, we will continue our work to move Atlanta forward as an international leader in the arts community.

I hope that this website provides you with a comprehensive understanding of the Mayor’s Office of Cultural Affairs and its role in the delivery of arts and culture to the city of Atlanta. Our intent is to provide an information source as well as an interactive tool for communication with the community at large. An investment in the arts nurtures commerce, education and technology. The OCA is uniquely positioned to sustain and to expand Atlanta’s presence in the world arts community.

Yours in art and culture,

Preserving and Promoting the Arts

The City of Atlanta’s Office of Cultural Affairs (OCA) was established in 1974 to encourage and support Atlanta’s cultural resources. The initial mission was to solidify the role that arts and other cultural resources play in defining and enhancing the social fabric and quality of life of Atlanta citizens and visitors.

Today the Mayor’s Office of Cultural Affairs understands that the arts play an essential role in defining the cultural vitality of the city and is working to enhance Atlanta’s reputation as a cultural destination. The OCA aims to produce programs that contribute substantially to the city’s economy and quality of life.

Our Mission

To create and promote rich and diverse cultural experiences in the city of Atlanta that enhance quality of life and expand the city’s international reputation while preserving and protecting Atlanta’s cultural heritage.

Our Vision

To make the arts available to everyone through three core initiatives:

Preserving and Promoting the Arts – through artistic festivals, public art and cultural programming.

Creating Access to Cultural Opportunities – through gallery exhibitions, performances and art centers.

Supporting the Professional Arts Community – through the provision of grant funding and other resources for artists and not for profit arts organizations.

Our Goals
  • Exhibit superb service while presenting diverse and thought provoking programs and experiences.
  • Gain international recognition of programs.
  • Unify the city’s cultural community through programs that serve the people of Atlanta.
  • Support and create opportunities for local Cultural Development.
  • Create cultural experiences that can serve as international model and enhance overall quality of life.
  • Provide artistic and cultural needs to all citizens & visitors.
  • Promote a rich and diverse cultural experience in the City of Atlanta.
  • Nurture artists and arts organizations.
  • Educate and inform citizens and visitors of the City’s cultural offerings.
  • Support the local arts community.
  • Strengthen our impact through partnerships with other organizations.
  • Build bridges into new communities and develop new audiences.
  • Preserve and protect the existing cultural heritage of the City of Atlanta.

News & Updates